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Fire Truck Walk -Away Leases - How They Work

Posted by admin on Nov 1, 2013 in Free Consulting Agreement

Just “walk-away”?

You know the saying - there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And that is true for everything.

Manufacturers are offering “walk-away” fire truck leases that give you a chance to just hand the keys back if you don’t like it.

If you’d like to know why and how the manufacturer offers this option, here’s some behind the scenes information:

  • The manufacturer has figured the payments out so that your truck will always be worth more than the balance. You’ll figure out you’re losing money when you try to “walk-away” and keep the truck. Or the manufacturer will try to talk you into buying a new fire truck. Read more…


Renegotiating a Cell Tower Lease- Can It Be Done?

Posted by admin on Apr 21, 2013 in Free Consulting Agreement

While cell towers actually started being built in the late 1970’s, the boom in development did not really start until Congress passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Instead of having two wireless providers in any one area, customers now found that there were up to eight companies with licenses from the FCC to provide Personal Communications Service (PCS) in their area.

Initially, each wireless provider built its own towers and rarely collocated (shared) on the other’s towers. This made for rapid development of communication sites and towers and a plethora of landowners with cell towers on their property. As you can imagine, many landowners had little to base the lease negotiations on and signed agreements that were substandard in comparison to today’s lease rates. Read more…


6 Questions to Ask Your Telecom Consultant

Posted by admin on Feb 2, 2013 in Free Consulting Agreement

Every company at one time or another utilizes outside consultants to help reduce costs and/or help with managing specific projects. Telecommunications is an area where consultants can not only help your company reduce expenses, but also provide ongoing support as your company grows and your telecom needs change.

Deciding on which consulting firm to bring on board can be tricky. The choices are vast. Most firms are reputable, but the industry is chocked full of “fly by night” firms looking to make a quick buck by conducting inadequate telecom audits and/or hawking telecom services under the guise of being a “telecom consulting” firm. Before you decide on which company to go with, arm yourself with the following questions that will help sort the good from the bad. Read more…


How To Start Green Cleaning You Home - Top 5 Essential Products You Need To Have

Posted by admin on Jan 4, 2013 in Small Business Consulting

Do you want to green clean your home but don’t know what you need to get started? That’s exactly how I felt until I did some further digging and discovered lot’s of useful and very practical information. So I’ve put together a list for your quick & easy reference of what I found to be the top 5 essential products you need to have in order to start green cleaning your home, naturally and safely. Read more…


Allocation of Bluesky - Goodwill in an Automobile Dealership Sale

Posted by admin on Dec 25, 2012 in Free Consulting Agreement

The IRS defines goodwill as “the value of a trade or business based on expected continued customer patronage due to its name, reputation, or any other factor.” IRS Publication 535: Business Expenses, Ch. 9, Cat. No.15065Z.

The American Society of Appraisers defines goodwill as: “that intangible asset arising as a result of name, reputation, customer loyalty, location, products, and similar factors not separately identified.” And as “that intangible asset arising as a result of elements such as name, reputation, customer loyalty, location, products, and related factors not separately identified and quantified.”

Goodwill, however, can be separated into personal and business (enterprise) goodwill. Unlike enterprise goodwill, personal goodwill is the intrinsic value of services of a specific and identifiable person to a business. Read more…


Cool MySpace Codes - Where To Search For

Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2012 in Free Consulting Agreement

MySpace codes are used for fine-tuning the appearance apart from the functionality of your profile. In addition, they largely help improve your page navigation. It may be quite an easy task for anyone to add a piece of MySpace code into her profile but the trouble is plenty of new MySpace layouts’ codes that are being added every day which makes her task heavy. You would get the enormity of the picture when you search for MySpace codes and the number of results Google returns happens to be over 15 millions.
Read more…


Creating Successful Team Charters

Posted by admin on Oct 22, 2012 in Free Consulting Agreement

How many times have you been on, or heard about a team that got frustrated? Or felt like they weren’t making progress? Or weren’t completely clear on what they were expected to do? Or didn’t feel like they had support from those above them?

If you are like me and most people I know, you are nodding yes to one or more of the questions above.

There is one single thing that can alleviate or eliminate these challenges and get the team off to a solid start. That single thing is a team charter. Read more…


Problem Solving the Problem Solving Meeting

Posted by admin on Oct 22, 2012 in Free Consulting Agreement

We go to meetings to share information, to report on project status, to make decisions, to get the free lunch, and because we were invited. (Sorry that I digressed). This is only a partial list – there are many other valid reasons for holding meetings.

Perhaps the most common and best reason for a meeting though is to solve a problem. A meeting is a great place to do this – you get a variety of people with a variety of experiences, knowledge and perspectives together to ensure that the best possible solution is identified and that all of the important considerations have been taken into account. Read more…

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