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Changing Donate screen on Paypal to show credit card fields vs. paypal login

Posted by admin on Feb 15, 2012 in Free E Commerce Consulting, Uncategorized |

I have got a task to customize the paypal donation screen to show credit card information fields instead of paypal login fields or, at least, to show both possibilities visually available. Googled up the page Donate Buttons. The preview of how it might look is the following:

Paypal donate buttons vs paying by credit card fields

Paypal donate buttons vs paying by credit card fields

Now, the instructions on the linked page are clear… if the mentioned links are there. However on our account, which is “Website Payments Standard” I’ve lost track on the third step as the options were simply not there. After calling the customer support, it turned out that the page i am willing to see has to be implemented using coding techniques. I was referref to a developer network link where i can fetch the samples of the code to be used for my customer’s site customization.

to be continued…

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